Crochet Doll or Animal Eye

There are many skills that we need to know to crochet perfect projects. Today we have one of the most important thing that you must know if you want to crochet dolls or animals. Amigurumi eye is very beautiful and useful thing to get perfect and more realistic results. Thanks to author for tutorial in […]

Crochet Butterfly Slippers

For Comfortable life we need comfortable things, but there are few things that are expensive and comfortable too. Comfort must be beautiful also, so we have today for you three in one. Butterfly slippers are very beautiful as you can see, comfortable and very expensive, because you can crochet it with your hands. Thanks to […]

Sweater Boots With Flip Flops

Thanks again to Jess Coppom for creative idea and beautiful sweater boots from flip flops. Just look at these awesome creation with very simple supplies. It’s a great example of what creative mind can make. These sweater boots will make your everyday life more comfortable and cozy, so if you have some free time start […]